The Truth about Juice Cleanses

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I constantly hear about people  going on cleanses to try to lose weight or to clean their body of toxins. I am not a believer of cleanses and have not found any that I would promote so I was happy to finally find a video on CBC that talks about juice cleanse myths.

In summary the short video explains that using juice cleanses to lose weight doesn’t work because after you finish your cleanse and go back to your normal diet you are likely to regain more weight. This is because while you are on a cleanse, your body adapts to fewer calories by slowing down metabolism. So once you start to eat regularly you are taking in more calories and your body has a harder time adjusting to burn these calories. Also while you are on a cleanse you esentially are starving your body of necessary protein and calories resulting in lost muscle mass (this is bad…).

If you think about it logically you can see that juicing doesn’t really add up…I bet that if you tried to sit down to eat a plate containing 4 carrots, 1 cup butternut squash, and half a cucumber (actual juice cleanse recipe) you would find yourself feeling full about 3/4 of the way through. But now if you stuck all of that in a juicer I bet you could drink it in one go and find yourself hungry in about 30min. You might think that juicing must be better if you can fit more vegetables and fruit in once glass of juice than on your dinner plate. But you would be wrong…Juicing removes the pulp from produce. The pulp contians some nutrients and most importantly the majority of the fibre in fresh produce. Fibre is what keeps you full and it is also helps to control rises in blood sugars and don’t forget it also keeps you regular.

The best way to lose unwanted weight is to eat a healthy balanced diet that includes whole grains, vegetables and fruit and lean meats and dairy products and to be active. It’s simple if you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to find something that you can stick to and not a fad diet that can’t last more than a few days.


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