My name is Anja Ninkovic, I am a registered dietitian and lover of great food.

I recieved my bachelors of science degree in Food Nutrition and Health with a Major in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia. I completed a 1 year internship with Northern Health where I travelled to various communities in Northenr BC including Prince Rupert, Terrace, Prince George and Fort St John.

Through my quest to promote nutrition and health,  I trial new recipes and look at evidence based information to lead my practice and cooking. I believe that we should “live to eat” and not “eat to live” because although food is a basic need, you should have an enjoyable and delicious experience every time you eat. I hope to inspire you to try new recipes, learn from some of my mistakes in the kitchen (no one’s perfect) and increase your appreciation for nutrition and great food.

Most of my cooking involves rough measures so I will usually post just the ingredients and guestimated amounts so that you can use your creative juices when making the recipes.

Please post your comments and any questions.

If you would like to contact  me please send a message through this blog or email Anja Ninkovic.


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